La dolce vita (1960) dir. Federico Fellini


Favourite Films | Sympathy for Lady Vengeance (2005) 

"Prison is an ideal place to learn to pray because we know that we’re all sinners here."

Happy Birthday Kevin Spacey (July 26, 1959)


  • me: [sitting in the dark in the living room watching le samourai]
  • dad: [walks in] "marina it's the 25th hour why are yo-"
  • dad: ...
  • dad: ...
  • dad: "alain delon is really beautiful"

Anonymous asked: People as gorgeous as you shouldn't be allowed to have such impeccable taste.

Haha I’m flattered thank you

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Anonymous asked: Have you seen Love Exposure? If so, thoughts?

Yes I have! I’m a huge fan of Sion Sono (though I don’t show it as much on this blog you can see more on my japanese film blog). 

I love Love Exposure it’s definitely up there on my favorites from Sion Sono. It has the typical quirky and strangeness of Sono films and it’s very well written. I also enjoy the conveyed criticisms of society and religion. Overall a great film I would definitely recommend it.

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 Laugh, and the world laughs with you…Weep, and you weep alone